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la                     Ramavijaya,

•rat* and  Shatrughana to spend a few days with him.  Da-
sliaratha bade his sons  go with  him,  though they were
unwilling to part'with  his brothers, Rama and   Lakshu-^
liian for a single inotnent.    Kayakayi pressed her sons to
go" with Her brother; and they accordingly went with him.
Rama^ and Lakshuman were very obedient to their parents
and 'served them with all their heart   and  sonl.    One
day "the king looking to his  old a'ge, made up his mind to
install Rama in the throne of Ayodya.    He made  every
preparation fco perform the ceremony of installation and in-
vited to it all the kings and Rishis on earth. All the gods and"
Btahmans  were afraid that if Rama was installed in the'
throne of Ayodya,  he would not go to Lanka and relieve
•them from the oppression of the demons.    Viranchi, one
of the gods, therefore, sent one Vikalpa to go  to Ayodya
and prejudice Kayakayi and all the  subjects of the king'
against Bama  and put an obstacle in- the1 performance of
the "ceremony,  so that  the prince  might go to the forest
of-the demons and kill them all.    Vikalpa tried his  ut-
most to  prejudice them against Kama; but they were all
so good and pious that they remained faithful to the prince.
There was  only one wicked woman,  Mantra, a favourite
maid-servant of Kayakayi, wnom he prejudiced against Ra-
ma. She hated the prince; and with a view to deprive him
of the throne of Ayodya, she  went into the room of Ka-
yakayi and, throwing herself on the ground, Began to beat
her breast with tears in her eyes, when Kayakayi asked her
what the cause of her grief was. Mantra replied, "You, un-
fortunate woman! Your husband is going to install Rama'
in the throne of Ayodya, and as soon as he is placed on tne?
throne, he will kill   your both the sons.    I shall  be very
glad,"if your Bharat is installed in the throne.'> Kayakayi /
said, " I have  no objection to the installation of Rama/
whom-I lovers my son, Bharat."" Mantra got  exceeding!/
enraged and began to cry violently. Kayakayi went, to qup